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Website is a set of linked documents and files with something in common: Related topics, a similar design, and a common goal.
In simple words, a website is a site (location) on the World Wide Web that contains documents (web pages) organized hierarchically.

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Detailed Definition of Website

It is defined as a set of Web pages that have a correlation with each other, belonging within a specific web domain, which is often known as World Wide Web (WWW), to which is accessed logically connected to this remote network using a Web browser, which allows the use of the HTTP protocol (for its acronym in English, HyperText Transfer Protocol) to be able to access documents of type HTML (in English, HyperText Markup Language).

The conjunction of the different Websites allows forming an extensive information network that is generically known as the World Wide Web. Still, they have constitutive parts corresponding to their general structure, having a Physical part, which includes the server where it is hosted.

On the other hand, in contrast, we have a Logical component, the latter being in relation to its organization, the hierarchy, and the connection that they offer between the hyperlinks.

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The latter ends up establishing an organization of the website, controlling the dynamics and the way in which the contents are displayed, counting as a fundamental and main part the Cover, which consists precisely of a Root URL Address that would be the main directory of this website, finding shortcuts to the entire general structure, and being precisely the axis of all Web Traffic (that is, the exchange of data between Server and Client ) that is found in the different parts of the websites.

The structure of the website often depends on what topic it is covering or what purpose it is pursuing, but this does not mean that there are links that lead to another completely different website, and even with a different topic, also finding those who have access limited, and that requires a kind of Membership to access all its contents.

In this case, you can even make a Subscription that allows us to receive notifications of updates in our E-mail or simply by having a service in which Registered Users for free or for a fee can download private content or those that are accessed through a special category.

We must therefore avoid the confusion of the Website with the isolated concept of the web page, since the latter must be understood as a unit, as a part of the whole, considering a single HTML file, or dynamically converted to this format, which are opened with the use of a Web Browser, which allows working with the HTTP data protocol.

Types of Websites:

Here are five of the most popular kinds of websites you’ll see around the web.

1) eCommerce Website: Example, Amazon, or eBay.
2) Business Website: Any official website of a company can be called a business website.
3) Entertainment Website: Example, Netflix, amazon prime videos, or youtube.
4) Nonprofit Website: Example, change.org
5) Educational Website: Example, udemy.com

Briefly and shortly again, what is a website?
To make a metaphor, a website is like a book! A set of linked pages that form a group of web pages designed to be browsed in a logical order. The sites are mostly available on the network commonly known as, the web.

The Internet is a system of communication between computers, which form a network of web pages accessible anywhere in the world.

Technically, what is a website?
A hard drive connected to the internet
To be available online, your website is hosted on a server, i.e. a hard drive connected to the internet. If you'd like to learn more, also check out our article: “What is website hosting?”. This connection must have a very high level of availability to avoid website cuts and discourage every user trying to get there.

An address: a domain name
A domain name is the address of your site on the web in the form new-york-us.us. It is displayed in the browser of every user who searches for information somewhere on the web. You have a physical address for a shop or your office like X Street 21 in New York, and you will also now have the-site-newyork with .us as an indicator.

Folders, files and a database.
Finally, once a user arrives at your address, they enter your home, what happens? It's on your website, it's the part that a visitor can see when they browse a site but not only. First of all, it is a set of information that is organized according to its objectives.

In the majority of cases, a site is composed of a set of files, ordered in folders as well as a database which gathers what are called tables, this is notably the case of WordPress, the “ world's most widely used blogging and blogging software. In the folders you will find files with different languages ​​including php, html, css, etc. It’s not really a text, it’s what the average person usually calls “code”.

And in addition to the code, there is the database. This prevents your site from being static by allowing you to produce a dynamic user experience with features that will make the difference for the user.

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A CMS, to create, manage and develop a website.

A CMS (Content Management System) is a solution that helps create the website. They save precious time and therefore reduce the production costs of a site and thus offer high-performance solutions at an attractive cost.

Among the most famous of them we can cite WordPress, Joomla, Wix and JimDo for blogs and showcase sites. For e-commerce, Prestashop, Drupal, Magento and Shopify are the most famous CMS. The Internet is evolving every day and so are CMS, which is why a maintenance contract with professionals is necessary to guarantee the continuity of a website over time.

For an Internet user, what is a website?
For an average Internet user, a site is not as technical, and he probably did not question the functioning of the sites on which he browses. If he's on your site, it's because he thinks your site is going to do something for him.

A website is a source of information

In general, a website is used to answer the question that one of its visitors has about your business and its activity if it is a showcase site. This is why the quality of the content of your website is essential to be interesting for its visitors. If it's not interesting to your visitors, there is no reason it should be listed by Google.

If your website is a source of information for your visitors, and knowing that a user uses their smartphone more than their computer to navigate, then you have understood the importance of a responsive website.

A website is a set of solutions
Beyond the information that a website contains and which allows its visitors to be properly informed. You can also find many solutions available directly online that appear with a more or less pleasant design depending on the care taken in its construction and its evolutions.

When you are on a commercial site for example (therefore a professional site), whether it is to buy products like on Cdiscount or services like SNCF, you are looking for a solution in exchange for a cash value. The solution you were looking for then involves a transaction on an e-commerce site.

What is a website for a business?
For a business, a site can generally have 3 uses which are as follows:

An online showcase

For a business, a website can be a showcase for presenting the company's offer, team and values ​​to convince each user of the expertise and ethics of the company whose site they are visiting. If you are looking to create a professional showcase website, know that you find it everywhere and at all prices.

An internet store
For a business that wants to sell on the internet, an e-commerce site is a great way to grow its revenue. Online store, online store, e-commerce, there are many terms to define websites that allow direct sales on the web. This is one of the two main axes of the digital transformation of companies with the implementation of internal efficiency tools.

For large e-commerce projects, contact a specialized agency.

A commercial prospecting tool
More and more companies rely on the website to directly generate business opportunities like a salesperson. This type of very dynamic website is regularly used by companies working in B to B and companies marketing products or services with very high average baskets with individuals (houses, swimming pools, cars, etc.).

A site therefore does not represent the same thing for the person who creates it, its user, that is to say you currently and its owner.

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