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A page can be one side of the paper or any other material used in a book, collection of sheets, Magazines, newspapers, text, or any type of graphics on them to create a document.


"PAGE" is a Latin term derived from pagin, meaning "a written page, leaf, sheet."

what is page?


As soon as writing was invented, people looked for various things to write on. Early people used to write on papyrus or parchment but at the same time kept looking for cheaper alternatives, and after 3000years, the first paper was invented.

The very first piece of paper was invented in China around 100 BC, and the first paper making factory was Installed in 105AD by Ts'ai Lun, under the Han Dynasty emperor.

The first paper in china was manufactured by mixing chopped mulberry bark, hemp rags with water, squeezing it flat, squeezing to release the water, and after that, letting it get dry under the sun, according to the Ts'ai Lun process.

what is history of page?

Even though China had paper for so long, it took hundreds of years to reach other countries and continents. Around 400ADs Indian subcontinent was making paper. By the 600s, the paper arrived in Japan and Korea. By 700 AD, the paper was getting used by the people in the Abbasid Caliphate, and By 800 AD, Islamic businesses were preparing their own paper.

Paper got so popular among traders because it has many benefits. For example, it made forgery harder. Before paper, people write on papyrus, which doesn't absorb the ink, making it a lot easier to erase it. Traders, bankers, and business people made paper compulsory the use of paper for writing contracts.


Paper was highly used worldwide in its raw form, but once it reached West Asia, people started creating books out of it, and by 1000 AD, even India and China were using the books.

Books are not the only thing that was created using papers. In fact, when the paper was getting wildly popular in other parts of the world, the original creator, china, invented more things using papers.

China invented numerous things, including kites in 650 AD, paper fans in the 1100s, cards in 800AD. In fact, the toilet papers were also created in the 1300s by China using paper.

who invented paper?

China isn't the only country that invented paper independently. A country named Aztec, now known as New Mexico, also created paper on its own. They used agave plant fibers to produce papers and books.


For not so long ago, papers and books were still the primary way of creating and saving data, however in the past few decades, a digital era began that took over everything changing everything/task that used to be done manually into automatic and digital. The best examples of this are the websites available on the internet, capable of providing all sorts of data anywhere, replacing books and libraries.

One of the most famous books, the Bible, which has been around for millions of years, can also be found in the digital form.

What is the difference between a page and a content type?

Understanding this difference is very important for building your site.

A page is a static element while a type of content can be compared to a section containing several articles (list of associations, partners, councils, etc.).

Unlike "static" pages, content types help keep your site alive. With 6temFlex you can create personalized types of content according to your activity.

The pages
The pages, which we could call single pages, are the structural pages of your site, which, once written, are rarely modified (example: presentation, history, services, etc.).

They are there to present your structure, it is a permanent and unique content.

You can add and manage as many pages as you want.

You enter the title, content, media of your choice (sounds, images, photo galleries, videos, documents) and assign the page created to the menu item of your choice.

Types of content
A content type is the equivalent of a folder on your site containing multiple articles. New articles can be added regularly throughout the life of your site.

Depending on your activity, you may need to present different types of content:

members grouped in a directory
activities you organize
These are the types of content that bring your site to life. The frequency of adding new articles within a type of content contributes to the good SEO of your site.

A content type must be made up of a list page, which, as its name suggests, lists all the articles present in your content type.

Here is an example with the list page of the news content type of a site:

From this list page, it is possible to access the detail of an article by clicking on the link "READ MORE". Example with the detailed news article "A night at the cabaret? "
You can create as many types of content as you want.

You can create categories to classify the articles found in a content type.

The categories then appear in a drop-down menu located above the list of articles.

Example of categories within the "Activities" content type of a site.

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