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When you want a baby, every cycle is filled with expectation! And we wonder every month if we have symptoms of pregnancy. What do they look like? When do they appear? The guide to the first signs of pregnancy.
First signs of pregnancy: when do they appear?

"The first signs of pregnancy occur in a very variable way in women: in some, from the first day of late menstruation, in others after 15 days or 3 weeks of late menstruation. Sometimes, there are no symptoms. especially apart from the late period. Can we have early signs of pregnancy, well before the late period? "Before the late period, these are probably rather psychological symptoms because women self-suggest "informs Dr John Davis, gynecologist.

What do the signs of pregnancy look like?

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is of course a late period! "It is one of the first signs of pregnancy although it is not always reliable because the menstrual cycles can be irregular" says Dr Davis. Another of the signs of pregnancy is the change in the breasts. "The breasts quickly increase in size at the start of pregnancy, become firmer, tender and even painful on the sides" informs Dr Davis. Another symptom of pregnancy observed on the breasts, an enlarged Montgomery tubercles, these small glands present on the areola in the form of tiny growths. These may be more rounded than usual. Another sign of the onset of pregnancy is an unusual urge to pee. And of course the traditional nausea that can appear sooner or later in women! Other symptoms can signal the onset of pregnancy: increased or decreased appetite, attraction to certain foods, constipation, bloating or even pain as if you were having your period. "A disgust for certain foods, or tobacco can also be a sign of pregnancy" indicates Dr Amina Yamgnane, obstetrician-gynecologist. "Another possible symptom at the beginning of pregnancy, a kind of lassitude, a desire to sleep even if this sign rather appears at the end of the first month of pregnancy" adds Dr Davis. At the start of pregnancy, you may also be irritable, nervous, more emotional than usual, have the impression that your body is "swollen", have acne or have difficulty sleeping (insomnia, nocturnal awakenings) ...

Are the signs of pregnancy reliable?
The answer will disappoint you! “Pregnancy symptoms are not specific so you cannot trust them,” says Dr Davis. "You can have all the signs of pregnancy and not be pregnant, just as you can have no signs of pregnancy and yet be quite pregnant," he says. These first symptoms of pregnancy can indeed be psycho-somatic: you sometimes want to be pregnant so badly (or on the contrary not to be) that you create these symptoms for yourself, without your knowledge. And yes ! In addition, some women have identical premenstrual symptoms. "It is impossible to know if these are symptoms of pregnancy or arrival of the rules" informs the gynecologist. Only a pregnancy test, urine or blood, can confirm your pregnancy. To have a confirmation with the gynecologist, you will have to wait up to two weeks late for your period, that is to say one month of pregnancy, because the examination of the uterus by vaginal examination may remain insufficient at the beginning. and does not always confirm the increase in uterine volume.

And are you pregnant?

There are various signs that you could be pregnant. These early signs of pregnancy differ from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you may notice one or more of these signs. Don't worry, you're unlikely to have them all at once. Likewise, don't be concerned if you don't see any. It is quite possible to be pregnant without any of these signs of pregnancy happening.

Your body usually shows you quite clearly that fertilization has taken place. Most of the signs are related to increased hormone levels.
Of course, not every characteristic in itself means that you are pregnant. But the more typical symptoms you experience, the more likely it is. Ultimately, however, only the doctor can make the final statement: "You are pregnant - congratulations!"

are you pregnant?

Unsure early signs of pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy are as varied as they are uncertain. They often appear before the menstrual period stops. These can be early pregnancy symptoms:
●Nausea and vomiting
●Lead fatigue & exhaustion
●Frequent need to urinate
●Cravings and unusual cravings
●Sensitive breasts & darker nipples
●Altered sense of smell and taste
●Abdominal cramps, bleeding & discharge
●Growth spurt in hair and nails
●Changes in the skin
●Mood swings
●Gas or constipation
●Bad sleep


You have already seen the most famous pregnancy sign a thousand times in the film: The heroine runs away in a hurry to throw up suddenly. She doesn't even know that she is going to have a child - but everyone in the cinema understood the hint.

are you pregnant? vomiting

Fatigue & exhaustion

Are you as tired during the day as if you went through the night? At home, the sofa calls at noon, where your eyes close by themselves? A tremendous need for sleep is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. If you notice unusually severe tiredness or fatigue, you may be pregnant.

Frequent need to urinate

You have to run to the bathroom all the time, even though you don't drink more than usual. This can be another early sign of pregnancy: once the embryo has implanted, the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is produced, and you have to go to the bathroom more often.

Unusual cravings

Is your body crying out for chocolate, or would you get up at night to buy oily chips at the gas station? Or do you have other unusual cravings? Bingo! It is quite possible that you are pregnant. Many women report strange food preferences as early signs of pregnancy: For example, they spoon hot salsa sauce straight from the glass or, as convinced vegetarians, prefer to bite into a hearty salami.

Sensitive breasts & darker nipples

Your breasts can also send early signs of pregnancy. Look for the following symptoms: The breasts begin to tighten and tighten, similar to how they did before your period. It feels plump and bigger and is very sensitive to touch. Your areola often appears darker than usual. The discoloration can also be due to a hormonal disorder or a previous pregnancy.

pregnancy and fatique

Altered sense of smell and taste

From one day to the next, you find that the detergent smells unbearable. Or you complain to your husband that he has recently been bathing in eau de toilette. Are you familiar with that? It often happens in early pregnancy that you are extremely sensitive to odors. Some women have a strange metallic taste in their mouths. Another early sign of pregnancy can also be: you develop a sudden disgust for alcohol or quit smoking out of the blue.

Increased basal temperature

You can find out if you are pregnant by taking your basal body temperature regularly: if your temperature is higher than normal for eighteen days after you wake up in the morning, you are likely pregnant.

pregnancy increased basal temperature

When do early signs of pregnancy appear?

In what week of pregnancy, what pregnancy symptoms appear, can not say exactly. When and if the first signs of pregnancy appear at all, is different for every woman. However, the early pregnancy symptoms can roughly be assigned to the following weeks of pregnancy:
4th week of pregnancy: implantation pain and bleeding, chest tension
5th & 6th week of pregnancy: mood swings, tiredness, food cravings, nausea & vomiting
7th & 8th week of pregnancy: nausea, circulatory problems, dizziness, low blood pressure, sleep disorders, frequent urination,
9th & 10th week of pregnancy: Breast changes, nausea, shortness of breath
11th & 12th week of pregnancy: bloating, constipation

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