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You have to differentiate between Facebook profile and facebook fan page:

The Facebook profile is a personal space where you share photos and statuses with those close to you. The profile represents a person and must be created under his own name. On a profile, the number of friends is limited to 5000. A profile cannot be created in the name of your company.
The fan page or professional page is a space for companies, organizations, brands, artists, etc., who wish to share information with customers, prospects, fans… This page will offer you tools to communicate directly with your customers or prospects (addition of a customizable tab, page traffic statistics, possibility of advertising, addition of commercial offers, etc.). The number of fans on this type of page is unlimited.

facebook page creation

1. Log in to your personal Facebook profile. If you don't have a Facebook profile, create one before you can create your pro page.
2. Once connected to your personal profile, select the drop-down menu on the right then click on "create a page"
3. Select the category that most closely matches your activity, then complete the various fields. Choose the name of your page carefully because that is the name that will appear for all your posts. Note that you will be able to change the name of your Page afterwards, as long as you have not exceeded 200 Fans.
4. Configure your page by following the steps indicated by Facebook.
By the way: describe your activity and enter the address of your showcase site or your e-commerce site. Give special importance to the description, this will be one of the presentation elements visible directly on your page apart from your profile picture. Be clear and impactful!
Profile Photo: Select a photo or logo that best represents your business. This photo should preferably be 180 x 180 pixels. It will appear later on your various posts.

Add to favorites: by adding your page to your favorites you will be able to access it more easily later,
Preferred page audience: set your priority target.
After validating the above steps you land on your page which you must customize:
Add a cover photo: the format is 851 x 315 pixels
Fill in the missing information in the "About" tab
Like mentions: invite your friends to like your page
What's up ? : create your first post
As the creator of the page, you are automatically named “Manager”.
If you work with several people on the Page, take the opportunity to appoint the different administrators.

Click on "Settings" then on "Page Roles". The roles given can be chosen from:

Manager: manage administrative roles, send messages, create posts and advertisements, as well as view statistics
Content creator: edit the Page, send messages, create posts and advertisements, as well as see statistics
Moderator: reply or delete comments, send messages, create advertisements, as well as view statistics
Advertiser: Create ads and view statistics
Statistics Analyst: View Statistics
To publish articles, click on "Publishing tools" then "Create"

Here are a few tips :

The content should be primarily entertaining, informative about your products and services, to advertise your promotions, ...
You should publish at best between 1 and 5 posts per week, and this on a regular basis. Beyond that, you take the risk that your Fans will start to get bored
Your page is now operational and you have just published your first news!

How to create Facebook business page?

Business page is a free and excellent way of promoting your business online. Facebook pages can help you boost your sales, impressions, and visitors and perfect brand awareness.

Facebook Pages are the best way to connect with your clients online, and it's perfect for reaching new ones. Facebook is a platform that hosts more than 2 Billion active monthly users, which makes it the most prominent social platform on the internet.

Like everything else on Facebook, creating a business page is also free, and Facebook allows you to create numerous pages. To make your Facebook page, visit Facebook.com, and fill your login credentials if you already have an account and if you are not already registered, Fill the form to create an account.

After logging in, click on the "Create a page" option you'll find in the top-right menu. Creating a Facebook page is simple enough that anyone can make it; however, to run a business successfully requires creative thinking and consistency. To keep your Facebook page active and have good reach, you have to continually create eye catching content and keep your page updated all the time. This job seems perfect for the freelancers who can be hired to develop content or your page and keep it active all the time.

You can easily find freelancers who offer social media management services from Upwork or Fiverr.

facebook page freelancers

Follow these simple steps to create a Facebook page:

Registering on Facebook:

Simply login, or create a free Facebook account as it's necessary to have a personal account. Click on the "Create" button available on the top right menubar and select "Page" from the drop-down menu.
You'll be redirected to a new page where you have to decide the category of your Facebook page and since you want to promote your business on it, select the "Business or Brand" Option.

Entering your info:

The next step requires you to name your Facebook page. Although you can name it anything you want, your business name seems perfect for it. It creates more authenticity and trust when your clients find your social pages with your real business names.

However, make sure to use a name that you won't change later, as the process of changing names of Facebook pages is long and complicated. After that, choose your business category from the given options.

facebook page enter info

Profile and Cover photos:

In this step, you need to upload a profile picture and cover/banner photo. You can find excellent free stock images from the internet; however, if you want your business page to stand out among millions of other pages, it is recommended to hire a graphics designer who can create a custom professional-looking profile, and a cover picture represents your business.

facebook page call to action button

Start reaching Audience:

Your Facebook page audience is the one who has liked or followed your page. Since it's a brand new page, it does not have any likes.
The best way to start gaining reach and Audience is by inviting your friends to like the page through a given option available on the page sidebar. You can do an additional setting of your content to get found through the search bar or the video section.

Add a Call to Action Button:

To generate conversions, sales, or visitors for your business, add a call to action button on top of your page, which will lead the page visitors to the next step for sale or getting in touch with you.

Guide - How to Create a Facebook Page in 8 Steps

Creating a Facebook page for your business is an essential step in your social media communication strategy.

A Facebook page is useful for developing your brand awareness, interacting with your prospects and customers, driving traffic to your website or even building customer loyalty.

It offers many advantages to companies:

A potential market of 2+ billion users
A platform designed for mobile first
A platform that highlights video
The existence of many additional products: groups, shops, services etc.
Actionable statistics to assess the performance of the chosen strategy
The most innovative and efficient advertising offer on the market
If you want to create a presence for your business on Facebook, I have a quick tutorial that shows you how to create a Facebook page in 8 steps.

1. Create a Facebook Page

In order to create a Facebook Page for your business, you must have a Facebook profile. Only individuals with a profile on Facebook can create a Facebook Page and get a role to administer it.

Once your profile is created, follow this link www.facebook.com/pages/creation or click on the triangle to the left of the blue navigation bar and select "Create a Page".
This tutorial being intended for professionals, choose the heading “Company or brand”, whether you represent a company, a local trade or a brand.

In the next step, indicate the name of your entity as well as the category closest to your activity.

The name of your Facebook Page is important as it is an essential criterion taken into account for the referencing of your Facebook Page and the identification of it via the internal Facebook engine.

Be careful in your choice because to change it, you will have to send a modification request to Facebook.

Also think carefully about the category of your Facebook page, because it determines the information that is present there.

For example, local businesses are offered by default a physical address as well as a map to locate their business, unlike brands. Likewise, local businesses can appear in the Facebook Local app, dedicated to local businesses and events.

Note, however, that you can easily change the category of your Facebook page later if necessary.

2. Add a profile picture to your Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page profile picture represents your business identity everywhere within Facebook: on your Page, next to every update in the News Feed, and with each of your ads.

Often, it matches the company logo.

Your Facebook Page profile picture is displayed in different formats depending on the device used: 170 x 170 pixels on a computer, 128 x 128 pixels on a smartphone.

If it has text, using a PNG file is recommended.

Note that your Facebook Page profile picture is displayed in a circular form in News Feed posts and advertisements, but visitors to your Facebook Page see it in its square form. Take this feature into account to optimize its display no matter where it is seen.

3. Add a cover photo to your Facebook Page

Located at the very top, the cover photo is the predominant graphic element of your Facebook Page.

It displays at 820 x 312 pixels on a computer and 640 x 360 pixels on a smartphone and must be at least 400 pixels x 150 pixels.

Here are the recommended technical specifications:

Size: 851 x 315 pixels
Weight: <100 Ko
SRGB or PNG JPG file if text
Note that you can later choose a video instead of a photo for the cover of your Facebook Page.

The technical specifications are then as follows:

Size: at least 820 x 312 pixels. For an optimal result: 820 x 462 pixels
Duration: between 20 and 90 seconds
You just need to follow the procedure described below to modify it. By hovering your mouse cursor over your cover photo, select "Change cover" at the top left. Then click on "Import photo / video". Make your choice and validate.

4. Add a call to action button to your Facebook Page

The call-to-action button prompts visitors to a Facebook Page to take a specific action.
To activate it, click on the blue button at the bottom of the cover photo and choose a call-to-action button among 5 main themes:
Book at home: Appointment booking via Facebook, Link to the website
Contact you: Contact us (link to the website form), Send a message (Messenger), Call, Subscribe, Send an e-mail
Learn more about your business: Watch the video, Learn more
Make purchases at home or make a donation: Buy, See offers
Download your app or play your game: Use the app, Play this game

5. Add information about your company

The About section is ideal for presenting information about your business so that users know more about your business and can contact you if needed.
Click on "About" then "Modify page info". You can thus enter the following data depending on your situation:

Description: a very short presentation that is indexed in the search results (> Edit About)
Contact details: physical address, e-mail address, telephone number, website
Opening hours: for companies with a physical address
Additional information: the products, the date of creation of your company, your mission etc.
The story: a longer description of your business in a blog post-style format

6. Choose a custom template for your Facebook Page

Custom templates are templates that organize the features present on Facebook Pages according to the nature of your activity.
Today there are 10 custom templates: Standard, Shopping, Business, Places, Movies, Nonprofit, Politicians, Services, Restaurants and Cafes, Video Page.

By default, you inherit from the Standard custom template.

To choose your custom template, perform the following procedure: Settings> Edit Page> Choose the template you want.

Even if the custom template defines the features present on your Facebook Page, be aware that you can still re-organize or remove certain tabs.

7. Configure your Facebook Page messaging

Facebook Pages automatically offer the "Messenger" messaging service via the "Send a message" button, available below the cover photo.

Members can thus contact you privately, without leaving the platform.

To configure this service, you have several options such as for example:

Display a welcome message when a user contacts you for the first time
Indicate your absence whenever you are not available on Messenger
Save ready-made answers to frequently asked questions for later use
The Messenger messaging configuration is accessible through the settings of your Facebook page: Settings> Messaging.

To turn off Messenger, click Settings> General> Messages> Uncheck "Allow users to communicate with my Page privately by showing the Message button".

8 - Choose a personalized username for your Facebook Page

When you create your Facebook Page, the social network assigns you a fairly long URL based on its name, for example: facebook.com/nameofyourPage-1539945469443137

However, users are more likely to find your Facebook Page when it has a personalized username.

After change, your Facebook Page then proposes a URL such as facebook.com/nameofyourPage.

To assign a username to your Facebook Page, click on the link, located below your profile photo and name, titled "Create a Page Username". Then enter a username and if it is available, confirm your choice.


We have come to the end of this tutorial “how to create a Facebook page in 8 steps”.

Creating a Page on Facebook is pretty much a prerequisite for businesses today who want to use social media.

Today, Facebook is still the preferred destination for businesses, even though this platform has become very competitive and professionals face several challenges, especially regarding the organic visibility of their publications.

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