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What is love? Love is the most powerful feeling of human beings. Love is understanding, accepting, giving, giving, caring, valuing, and living together. Through love, we can share good things with people around us. Love is the power to drive us to do anything for the good of others. Read more
What is a blog? The term Blog was coined in 1997 and came from the union of the words " web " and " log " (which means; newspaper).Read more
Are you pregnant? Early signs of pregnancy When you want a baby, every cycle is filled with expectation! And we wonder every month if we have symptoms of pregnancy. What do they look like? When do they appear? The guide to the first signs of pregnancy. Read more
Why the sky is blue? If, in an interview, they ask us about the color of the sky, our answer is to say blue. If we remember the sunsets and sunrises, we can clarify a little more. But if they ask us why it is blue, probably a majority of the interviewees would not know how to answer. Read more
What is website? Website is a set of linked documents and files with something in common: Related topics, a similar design, and a common goal. In simple words, a website is a site (location) on the World Wide Web that contains documents (web pages) organized hierarchically. Read more
What is IP address? Every computer, server, and a smartphone has at least one IP address, yet normal users rarely contact them: IP addresses. However, they are currently causing some headaches for Internet authorities. Read more
How to create Facebook page? You have to differentiate between Facebook profile and facebook fan page. The Facebook profile is a personal space where you share photos and statuses with those close to you. Read more
What is web page? A web page is a digital document that is written using HTML. The web page can be accessed through the internet by entering its IP or address in the browser's search bar. Since a web page is a document, it can contain text, hyperlinks, images, videos, and all types of graphical content. Read more
What is page? A page can be one side of the paper or any other material used in a book, collection of sheets, Magazines, newspapers, text, or any type of graphics on them to create a document. Read more
How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin? If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have recently created a company or that you have begun to realize the importance of social networks for business after a long time with it. Read more

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